Quality standards

It is our paramount value in the application of excellence in all Lucas Diesel Systems centres and factories around the world.
Our ultimate goal is clear; to satisfy our customers by meeting their expectations in quality, price and availability. To accomplish this, Lucas Diesel Systems applies a number of principles that are strictly followed by its entire team of professionals.

Lucas Diesel Systems Quality

In order to comply with customer expectations, total quality is necessary in Lucas Diesel Systems and in all its suppliers. There is no room for error or risk.


The more than 140 years of history of Lucas say a lot about us. Customers from all corners of the world have constantly relied and continue to rely on the values of our brand.
This is something we are proud of and that we work for to provide the market with the best quality products, always under our strict standards and own production processes.

Production System

The quality of a product is directly linked to the organisation of its production centre. To improve the productivity and quality of the products, Lucas Diesel Systems has developed its own production system, which is applied in all its factories around the world. This way we can guarantee the same levels of quality and productivity in all our products, regardless of where they have been manufactured.

R&D Department

Thanks to the three Lucas Diesel Systems R&D centres located in Spain, the United Kingdom and Brazil, we continually develop all our production processes, in addition to launching and managing new projects on an ongoing basis. This aspect is key to continuing with the growth and expansion of new lines of business to new markets.

Approval of Suppliers

Thanks to the perfect relationship with all our suppliers, in Lucas Diesel Systems we work with the same objectives toward common success. This partnership allows us to innovate and develop our productivity together, in addition to providing ongoing improvement of quality. In Lucas Diesel Systems, we work exclusively with a limited number of suppliers, who we consider our fundamental partners for achieving our success.

Staff Involvement

Each employee regardless of his/her position, plays a fundamental part in the quality and perfection of the processes on a daily basis. Therefore, we work to recognise what their skills are and strengthen them with the Lucas Academy or the ongoing improvement of the productive processes. All employees are also always invited to participate actively in the proposal of elements of improvement for their daily work and for the optimum growth of the company.