The Latin American Committee of the Association of Diesel Specialists (ADS) brought over 150 participants from 23 countries together to hold its annual Latin American Convention, in the Cancun Riviera. Those present were able to participate in seminars and technical courses given by noteworthy professionals, and find out about the latest technology in the diesel sector and fuel injection systems, as well as attend the components tradeshow.

 Óscar Villafranca, CEO of Lucas Diesel Systems, gave a talk regarding the current trends in and situation of the diesel sector. In addition, he provided information about Lucas Diesel Systems’ return to the international market, an emblematic brand that offers a new concept for the distribution of diesel components. After his talk, a seminar was held among the members of the association, which highlighted that the current market is very changeable, and as such constant updating and evolution is required. In addition, it is oversupplied and has much greater access to technology. Óscar Villafranca highlighted that over time, Common Rail systems have been gaining ground, and currently total over 1 and a half million, and that reman products are increasingly gaining more acceptance and ground in the market. Lastly, Óscar Villafranca shared the new products that Lucas Diesel Systems is planning to launch in the market soon.